Here is the basic start-up procedure for the Celestron Advanced series CG5-GT with Nexstar Handset

Please note the highlighted buttons  - ALIGN - ENTER - UNDO - across the top and UP(6) and DOWN (9)

These are the main buttons used to move around the menus.

The arrow buttons move the mount only NOT the menus.

Ok, now to set up....

Ensure the Index marks on the mount are lined up before turning the mount on.

Turn on Mount and handset should light up.

It should say "Press Enter to begin alignment"   Press the ENTER button.

Next onscreen message is "MOVE MOUNT TO INDEX MARKS", this should already be done so press ENTER

Next onscreen message "Enter Time"

Using the number keys enter the time, as close as possible to the actual time, a few seconds out does not matter. Enter the time in 24hr format i.e. 19:30:00 for 7.30 pm.

Once time is inputted press ENTER


Next message "Select One"

"Daylight Saving" or "Standard"   Daylight saving is for British Summer Time, Standard is for GMT (winter)

Use UP and Down buttons to choose the correct time and press ENTER

Then "Time Zone"

Ensure "Universal Time" is selected and press ENTER

Enter Date

Ensure you enter the date correctly  Month / Day / Year   i.e.  12/07/11 is 7th December 2011

Once inputted press ENTER

Now you choose whether to do 1 Star Align, 2 Star Align or Solar System Align (Planets)

Using UP and DOWN buttons choose what you wish to do and press ENTER

Choose star to align on using UP and DOWN buttons and press ENTER

Scope should now slew to the selected Star / Planet.

Using your finderscope as a guide use the Arrow Buttons to get the object in the centre of your finder scope, revert to your eyepiece or camera and adjust further to get the star near to the centre of your view, press ENTER and then again fine tune the star into the centre and press ALIGN. You will be asked for the next star to use for alignment. Use the same instructions to align the second star and press ALIGN when completed

Now, you can if you like add Calibration Stars "USE CALIB STAR" will appear, if you wish to use them choose the star and align as above, otherwise just hit UNDO and you should then have "Alignment Success" on the handset. Enjoy the night sky!



Basic Start-up Process for CG5-GT